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Within the municipal territory there are three interesting itineraries from the historic and environmental point of view, each defined by the name of the color that indicates their path on the Trekking map; probably in origin it meant “to follow the tracks of carts drawn by oxen”; in fact, furrows of carts on the roman road are visible following the Yellow path (10.5 km, duration 160 min.) which, starting from the built-up center bound to South, crosses the surrounding land with hills of various heights and passes through the via della Pieve where a roman villa has been discovered. A little farther there is the bush of Magona.

Interesting to see in the Green path (3 km, duration 50 minutes) is the archeological area of Casalvecchio, where we arrive from the countryside East of the village, passing by beautiful restored farmhouses.

At last, the Orange path (3.5 km, duration 140 min.) passing through olive groves and vineyards and then ending to the Mediterranean bush to finally reach the Linaglia dam in the woods.


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